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While there is a great deal of interest in developing tool support for refactoring, researchers and tool vendors rarely work together.

This forum will enable the transfer of ideas and expertise both ways:

  • researchers can show the state-of-the-art analyses they are using in developing tool support for refactoring,
  • tool vendors can offer valuable insights on the challenges of scaling such analyses to realistic applications.

By bringing together researchers and tool vendors:

  • we can shorten the time to embody ideas into production systems.
  • In addition, by making researchers aware of what others are working on, the potential for reinventing the wheel is reduced while the potential for creative collaboration is enhanced.

This workshop is the next step in our ongoing effort to create such a community, building on our successful refactoring workshops at ECOOP 2007 and OOPSLA 2008-2009.

Potential topics are those related to refactoring tools including, but not restricted to:

  • refactoring engines
  • improving the usability of existing refactoring engines
  • empirical studies about refactoring practice
  • tool performance
  • efficient representation of source models
  • program analyses for refactoring tools
  • tools for detecting applied refactorings
  • tools for suggesting refactorings (e.g., using code-smell detection)
  • testing and verification of refactoring tools
  • language-independent analysis frameworks and analytical representations
  • language-independent transformation frameworks
  • language-independent refactoring tools
  • refactoring tools for non-OO languages (e.g., functional languages, MDE, legacy languages)
  • composition and scripting of refactorings
  • medium- and large-scale refactorings (e.g. package-level, component-level)
  • refactoring for concurrency and parallelism