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Journal papers on microservices and related design issues

BAC theorem, architectural principles, legacy system migration

Three magazine/journal articles co-authored by IFS partner Prof. Dr. Olaf Zimmermann are now available online:


  1. Guy Pardon, Cesare Pautasso, Olaf Zimmermann: Consistent Disaster Recovery for Microservices: the BAC Theorem. In: IEEE Cloud Computing, 5(1) 2018, pp. 49-59. 
  2. Pahl, C.; Jamshidi, P.; Zimmermann, O.: Architectural Principles for Cloud Software. In: ACM Trans. on Internet Technology (TOIT), 18 (2) 2018, pp. 17:1-17:23. 
  3. Furda, A.; Fidge, C.; Zimmermann, O.; Kelly, W.; Barros, A.: Migrating Enterprise Legacy Source Code to Microservices: On Multitenancy, Statefulness, and Data Consistency. In: IEEE Software, 35 (3) 2018, pp. 63-72. 


These papsers can be accessed via Olaf Zimmermann's IFS page. More information about microservices, for example a comparison of different positions regarding the novelty of microservices (and supporting evidence for one of them) can be found here.