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C++ Refactoring

The C++ refactoring plugin has been integrated into Eclipse CDT. Just use the latest release of Eclipse CDT.

Cute – C++ Unit Testing Easier

CUTE is a modern and easy to use C++ unit testing framework. Visit to install CUTE.


Includator analyzes the dependencies between source code files and suggests improvements to optimize the code's include relations. Learn more about Includator on


Linticator integrates the static code analysis tools PC-lint and FlexeLint into Eclipse CDT. Find out more about Linticator on

Presentations and Talks

  • JUGS Talk 16.04.2008:  "Security Patterns" PDF
  • Software Engineering in the 21st Century - Alistair Cockburn PPT
  • SWEN Presentation "Security Patterns" PDF
  • From Snake Oil and Silver Bullets to Agile-Incremental-Iterative-Pattern-oriented  - PPT - PDF
    Presentation Techpunkt 08.09.2006 von Peter Sommerlad