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Better Software - Simpler, Faster

People and companies which are involved in software development are being supported to extend their knowledge and their experience and to enhance themselves continuously.

We support software development in Switzerland by boosting quality, cooperative working and thought-out simplicity in software engineering.

The therefore necessary working technique and modern technology is conveyed  through consulting, collaboration and continuing education and is also applied by ourselves in a variety of projects.



Concurrency Lab: Talk and Paper at Hipeac 2016, Prague


Philipp Kramer and Luc Bläser have the paper “The Alea Reactive Dataflow System for GPU Parallelization” accepted at HLGPU workshop at Hipeac 2016 conference in Prague. Philipp Kramer presents the work on 19 Jan 2016.


Prof. Dr. Luc Bläser speaks at the Parallel 2015 conference


Luc Bläser gives a talk on the .NET Task Parallel Library at the Parallel 2015 conference on 24 April 2015, taking place in Karlsruhe. See:


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