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Assess the health of your software project with IFS' Software Health Check.

With our Health Check, we don’t just check the surface, but also the guts of your software. This way, we diagnose symptoms of good quality aspects and areas that are in need of improvement and recommend a suitable treatment. The experts at the IFS examine the following aspects according to your indications:

  • User Experience Design, e.g. Multichannel ability
  • Architecture and Design of the code and data, e.g. layering
  • Internal code quality, e.g. error handling
  • Engineering methods and tools, e.g. automated testing
  • Developer qualification, e.g. appropriate use of technologies

Typical therapy measures that are derived from the Software Health Check and get recommended in the context of a feedback workshop are

  • Concrete suggestions for improvements of the code, design and architecture to eliminate weak points or enable the continuation of the development.
  • Optimization of the tool usage, e.g. IDE, build and test automation, static analysis and coaching thereof.
  • Optimization of the development methods, e.g. agile and usability engineering methods, unit testing, refactoring etc.
  • Coaching and further education for developers to make up for deficiencies in your team.